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About us

Alfa Motors is the first dealer of Japanese auto car parts in Mongolia. Since the time we were established we worked with a goal to offer original auto parts that meet customers’ demands, and provide quality services. Our company grew into a well-recognized workshop “4x4 Auto Service” with a professional team that offers auto parts, auto dealership, auto diagnosis and repair.

Our team strives to be the leader in the Automotive Aftermarket through seeking and bringing innovative solutions to our services. Since 2005 our company directly supplied the Mongolian market with original auto parts produced by Japanese leading companies in Japan and offered them for both wholesale and retail prices. In 2007 we signed a contract with a Japanese company Yokohama Shoko Co., Ltd and started using an express postal network to deliver ordered auto parts to our customers fast, which received high evaluation from our customers. In 2010 we studied the US auto cars and parts dealership market and signed a contract with a Californian K&N Engineering company. Ever since, we supply the Mongolian market with various car parts from USA, import cars from the US market to Mongolian buyers and we do that in a direct, fast way.

In addition to offering services for the Automotive Aftermarket, our company works in other sectors - international trade, construction investment, project implementation. Within the scope of these activities our company implemented, independently and in partnership with other companies, several civil construction projects. For instance. based on a study of the US and Canadian wood frame construction technologies, we have successfully started an experimental project “Green House” for building houses using a Canadian energy-saving wood frame technology most suitable to the Mongolian context.

Another project we started is a project to bring the condition of gymnasiums in Mongolian universities and institutes to the international standards. For that, we have installed Snapsports floor, by an American company Snap Lock Industries, in a gymnasium of Health Science University of Mongolia. Currently, we are working to install similar floors in the gyms of other universities.

Since 2003, our Alfa Motors LLC works as an official representative of Launch Tech Co Ltd that is a professional high-tech company producing full range of garage equipment and service solutions for workshops. Since 2005, we are an official dealer of Japanese TOKICO, NISSHINBO, NGK, TCL brands in Mongolia. Since 2010, we represent American K&N Engineering Company, the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. Since 2011, our company is an official Mongolian dealer of Snap Lock Industries, the leading manufacturer of premium interlocking modular flooring, in Mongolia.


Our Mission

To become a leading national company that contributes to the development of the country through providing advanced, innovative, quality products and services that meet requirements and needs of the customers


Our Slogan

Our slogan is Appropriate is Practical, which commends the long-term practicality of  anything that was appropriately mended.


Our Activities

Our company works in the following main areas:

  • Foreign and domestic trade
  • Auto sales
  • Auto parts sales
  • Auto repair equipment sales
  • Auto repair services
  • Implementation of projects


One of the key rationales behind the good operation of a car is the quality of parts in the car. That’s why the pioneer in selling Japanese auto parts in Mongolia, 4x4 Autoservice or Alfa Motors LLC, offers its services to respond to your many questions like Where to find authentic auto parts? How to buy them? How to order these parts? Is a part authentic or not? Will a part fit my car? Where to get my car diagnosed? Who can reliably change parts in my car?


 Our advantages:

  • Has many years of experience of the first importer of Japanese auto parts in Mongolia
  • Directly imports Japanese and American authentic auto parts
  • Officially represents the world leading Japanese and American brands
  • Efficiently delivers auto parts of Japanese, American and European cars from Japan and USA within 5-21 days as ordered per a PC catalogue
  • Continually offers a variety of auto parts from its own warehouse
  • Has a diagnostic and repair service center fully equipped with garage equipment by the world famous Launch Tech Co.Ltd  
  • Employs a team of experienced, high-level professionals
  • Offers Japanese auto parts for wholesale and retail prices
  • Accepts all types of payments (cash, non-cash transactions, cards)
  • Offers bonuses and incentives to regular and contract customers
  • Free delivery in Ulaanbaatar