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Auto Repair Service

Our company first started “4x4 Auto Service Center” in 1998 and since then provided our auto repair service without any interruption. In 2003, we launched the first ever Auto Diagnostic and Repair Service center in Mongolia, fully furnished with professional garage equipment. Ever since we provided our customers with quality professional services.

During this period, our professional team operated the Diagnostic and Repair Service Center furnished with many professional equipments and provided ECU tuning, automatic transmission, ABS, airbag, cruise control, climate control, immobilizer, parking system, air suspension, GDI diagnostic and repair services.

Also, our the team of mechanics in our Center provides quality services including repair of diesel and gasoline fuel engines of all types of Japanese cars, repair of a transmission part, repair of axle, diagnostic and repair of electronic equipment. Individual customers as well as big entities consider the quality and availability of the supply of auto parts in our service center, which demonstrates the high evaluation of our services by our customers.