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Alfa Motors LLC celebrated the 15th Year Anniversary
09 сарын 17, 2011

Alfa Motors LLC celebrated the 15th Year Anniversary

Alfa Motors celebrated its 15th Anniversary together with car owners and fans and one of the major events of this celebration owes Alfa Motors 15 master cross organized jointly with Auto Masters Association on September 17, 2011 in Morin Davaa in Khan Uul District. Besides organizing an autocross, Alfa Motors LLC organized other interesting events among the participants and guests including a quiz on automobiles, cultural performances that attracted the interest of car owners and fans and was rated as the most entertaining and interesting event.  25 athletes from Auto Masters Association participated in the autocross. Sports Master Sh.Gombodorj won the competition and received the grand award of the Alfa Motors 15 master cross, D.Batbaatar was awarded the second place prize and D.Ulam-Urnukh won the third place award. Munkh-Orgil received a Special Prize for Courage.

Special guests from K&N Engineering USA, SPK Corporation from Japan attended the Alfa Motors 15 master cross which shows how valued the company among its foreign partners. Another event of the 15th Anniversary, organized by the company, was a professional competition among auto diagnostic professionals held on September 16th. This was the first major event among the professionals in this sector that was highly praised by the customers. Also, together with Auto Transportation Department, and Auto Service Providers’ Association, the company organized a seminar Quality Parts Guarantee Safety on September 14. In the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the company, a sales discount of 5-40% was announced on the auto parts until October 20th, which was a big gift to car owners and fans. 




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